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hoλos® - an intelligent system for reducing distraction while driving.

Using multimedia systems like smartphones or navigation systems while driving causes distraction. These are the major causes of most road accidents. Every second driver uses a navigation system while driving, regardless of whether the information is displayed on an external device, a smartphone or an internal display - focusing on a display can be fatal.

Therefore hoλos® invented a new navigation system, which is based on augmented reality, parallaxe effect and artificial intelligence. We are using artificial intelligence to permanently analyse the drivers environment. So it is possible to detect traffic signs and lanes as well as obstacles that can appear. With these outcomes we can provide information to the driver about the current permitted speed or the meaning of an analysed traffic sign. For displaying all navigation information we are using augmented reality and the driver`s head position, which is continously tracked.

With the hoλos® system, most important information are displayed as threedimensional objects on the windshield and can be seen directly on the street. So you can keep your eyes on the road all the time!

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